Doing a House Renovation or Retrofit in Dublin?

Our made-to-order windows and doors preserve the character you seek and give you the modern energy efficiency and security you need

Refurb Your Home with Enduring Windows and Doors from Senator Windows

Rediscover the elegance of traditional Dublin architecture with Senator Windows. We excel in retrofitting classic window and door designs with modern enhancements tailored to the character of your individual home.


Elevate with Classic
Sash Windows

  • Perfectly suited for Dublin’s historical homes, our sash windows combine timeless aesthetics with contemporary energy efficiency.
  • Custom made to maintain the architectural integrity of your classic home while providing modern comfort.
  • Designed to enhance natural lighting and ventilation in your home.
  • Available in a variety of finishes to match the original style of your property.

Enhance with
Bay and Bow Windows

  • Ideal for maximising light and space in your Dublin home. Our bay and bow windows offer both charm and functionality.
  • Tailored to fit the unique contours of your old house, ensuring seamless integration with existing structures.
  • Create a stunning focal point while adding extra seating or display space.
  • Reinforced frames provide exceptional durability and weather resistance.

Restore with Traditional
Casement Windows

  • A versatile choice that complements the historic character of Dublin’s older homes.
  • Utilises modern materials for improved thermal performance, security, and ease of use.
  • Easy to operate with our state-of-the-art hardware systems.
  • Offered in a range of styles to preserve the period look of your property.
Senator Windows Made to order Windows - make the difference
Bi Fold Doors are a great house renovation option
Choose windows that match the legacy of your home

Bespoke Windows for Unique Homes

  • For houses requiring a unique touch, we provide custom solutions that respect and reflect historical details and personal tastes.
  • Discuss your vision with us, and let’s craft replacement windows that are as unique as your old Dublin home.
  • Utilise artisan glass or leaded lights for an authentic restoration.
  • Expert design consultation to ensure compliance with local architectural conservation guidelines.

To arrange an appointment, just call us on: 0818 83 99 99

Classic Doors Reimagined

  • Explore options from robust panelled doors to elegant glass-panelled designs, each crafted to enhance your home’s natural appeal.
  • Features like advanced locking mechanisms and energy-efficient frames maintain the balance between beauty and modern standards.
  • Solid construction reduces noise and increases insulation.
  • Custom sizing available to fit unique doorways and entrances typical of heritage or one-off homes.

Custom made Doors to enhance curb appeal.

All our doors come with our signature 15 year installation guarantee. 


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Home Renovation FAQs

What window style maintains the historical look while improving energy efficiency?

Sash and casement windows are excellent for preserving aesthetic integrity while enhancing home comfort.

Are there grants available for restoring traditional doors and windows?

Yes, grants are available should you carry out a deep retrofit of your home through a stop shop provider. We work with a number of such providers and can recommend our preferred supplier to you.

The windows and doors will also need to have a U Value of 1.4 or below.

How do custom window solutions enhance old houses?

Custom windows are designed to fit perfectly, respecting the architectural lines of historical homes while providing modern functionality.

What should I consider when choosing a door for an older or heritage home?

Focus on materials and designs that complement the house’s period while ensuring they meet current security and energy standards.

Can modern windows and doors improve the security of my old house?

Absolutely, our modern fittings include top-of-the-line security features without compromising the traditional look.

How does Senator Windows support old house refurbishments in Dublin?

With local expertise and a commitment to craftsmanship, we ensure each project honours Dublin’s architectural heritage.

Why opt for Senator Windows in my refurbishment project?

Our dedication to quality, local craftsmanship, product innovation, 100% Irish ownership, respect for the heritage of your home and our made-to-order manufacturing  capability uniquely qualifies us to help you preserve Dublin’s historical charm.

We conduct on-site assessments and provide suggested styles and visuals free of charge. For a free design consultation please just complete the enquiry form at the top of this page. 

Trust Senator Windows Dublin to blend tradition with innovation in your old house refurbishment. Let’s preserve the past while securing the future.

Contact us today to discuss your heritage window and door restoration needs with our experts.