Ultimate integral blinds from senator

Our Integral Blinds Are Individually Crafted

Integral venetian
blinds or pleated blinds

Your integral blinds are individually crafted 

At Senator each unique Venetian Blind is individually crafted to meet our rigorous quality standards and all the materials used in the manufacture of the blinds are specially selected for their quality, strength and durability to enhance the appearance and life o your blind. The blinds are custom made and can be encapsulated into all our Senator Energy Efficient Senergy+ double-glazed units.Senator’s Integral Venetian Blinds are safe, hygienic, energy-efficient and unobtrusive.

Range of Finishes

Your integral blinds are individually crafted 

Classic whites and creams along with contemporary silvers and greys all feature in our selection of 18 different shades. Each can be manufactured to complement your interior décor. 

Integral Blinds

Individually Crafted – Energy Efficient

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Safe Solution

In the last couple of years there has been a push to make window blinds safer for young children. Integral Venetian Blinds eliminate the safety concerns surrounding window blinds because they eliminate the cords that cause most of the concern. With no cords to play with you can install Venetian Blinds in you children’s room without worrying about their safety. No cords = no worry! 

Windows with integral blinds

Your integral blinds are individually crafted 

Combining modern technology with traditional style, Senator’s Integral Blinds are ideally suited for use across a range of applications in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and schools.Integral blinds are easy to operate by a simple magnetic slider that allows for maximum light, shading or complete privacy as required. By controlling the diffusion of natural light, integral blinds help to reduce the effect of bright sunlight, yet allow natural light and heat in, thus improving a room’s year-round functionality and avoiding an over-reliance on air conditioning or artificial light. 

Senator Windows offers a choice of integral blinds – Integral Venetian Blinds or integrated pleated blinds.

Integral Blinds are an ideal solution for windows, internal vision panels and doors. They are easy to operate with no compromise on safety or hygiene. Besides being safe, cordless blinds provide a sleek look, since you don’t have cords that may hang down or tangle. With no hanging cords or exposed slats to attract dust, they stay clean, are fully controllable and, critically, cannot be damaged. 

Why choose Senator?

With 30 years of experience and dedicated professionalism we are the leaders in the market, our service is second to none. 

Why Senator Tilt&Turn Windows?

These windows are guarantee to provide superb weathering performance and are subjected to continual testing with BSI for wind resistance, air permeability and water tightness.

Are they in your Showroom?

Senator has the largest showroom in the country and displays a wide range of windows and doors. 

Why make

We have a well trained sales team that can answer and guide you to suit any of your needs. 

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